5 Features to Consider When Buying a New Smartphone

Are you looking to get a new mobile in 2020 on one of our affordable TeleChoice mobile plans so you can use the fantastic network coverage from TeleChoice Telstra? There are so many great choices out there, from the latest iPhones and Samsung devices to models by Oppo, Huawei, Google and Xaomi – it can get a little overwhelming! Here are some tips from TeleChoice Perth to help you narrow your choices down to the perfect mobile.

Price: Okay, so this is the most obvious feature to look at. While the cost of smartphones has become more affordable over the last few years, flagship models like the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus are always going to be on the more expensive side. Creating a budget for the monthly cost of your phone and your choice of TeleChoice mobile plans will help you decide which phone works for your wallet.

Size: Visit TeleChoice Perth and handle all of the devices on offer to see what fits naturally in your hand to help you decide what size smartphone is right for you. There’s a surprising range – from large display phones for people who like streaming video and gaming to smaller screens that fit easily in pockets and handbags.

Battery life: Battery life is very important and depends on two things – the battery installed in the mobile and how you intend to use your device on WiFi and the TeleChoice Telstra network. Read up on the different smartphones on offer on TeleChoice mobile plans, focussing on more detailed reviews. They’ll tell you how long a model’s battery lasts under typical use versus intensive use, so you can see how each mobile performs. If you plan on using your device intensively for work, social media, video streaming or gaming, choose a device with a large battery capacity and fast charging.

Camera: One of the most desirable features of smartphones is a high-quality camera, and there’s a lot of variety between the different devices. Take the time to read reviews on different models and don’t just judge by the megapixel count – other features to look for include aperture, zoom, focus, camera lens, front and back cameras, and built in video and editing features.

Storage: Storage impacts the usability, cost and even lifespan of your mobile – smaller capacity mobiles are cheaper but they tend to run out of space sooner as you take more photos, send messages, download apps and install operating system updates. If you want your phone to last a long time and be able to store a lot of photos, apps, video and games, it’s usually better to choose the higher capacity option.

If you’d like expert advice on which mobile to select on your choice of TeleChoice mobile plans, simply visit TeleChoice Perth and speak to our friendly sales team. You’ll be enjoying the high-quality TeleChoice Telstra network in no time at all!

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