How to Save Your Mobile Data

Despite data prices falling, the availability of affordable TeleChoice prepaid plans and the data allocated to TeleChoice plans increasing, it’s still easy to find yourself in a position where you’ve simply run out of mobile data. Here are some tips for keeping your data use down, from TeleChoice Perth.

Set Data Usage Limits

You can set limits on TeleChoice plans for mobile data usage on iOS and Android devices, ensuring that you never run out even when you are on TeleChoice prepaid plans.

For an Android device:

Go to settings and tap on data usage.

Activate the mobile data section of the graph that appears.

Use your finger to move the red line up or down on the graph to set your limit. Once you’ve done this, your phone will stop access to mobile data when this limit is reached.

Alternatively, use your finger to move the black line up or down on the graph to set your limit. Now, your phone will only notify you when you exceed that data limit.

For an iOS device:

Go to settings and tap on “cellular”.

View which apps are using a lot of data and turn off all apps you do not want to operate off your mobile data.

Make sure your personal hotspot is off, and activate low data mode if you want to conserve as much data as possible.

Pre-Download Content

Many apps, including Spotify, Netflix and Google Maps, all allow you to pre-download content on Wi-Fi so that when you play it in your car, at the airport or whenever you’re out of range for Wi-Fi, it uses no mobile data. Some apps also have a lite data version, like Facebook. This makes keeping entertained and in touch easy on TeleChoice prepaid plans from TeleChoice Perth.

Limit App Access

Some apps, especially email apps, constantly contact the server to download new content. Make sure this is turned off and that the apps are only allowed to sync with the server if you push it through manually.

On Android devices, you can stop all or individual automatic app synchronisation if you click on accounts on the settings page. On iOS devices, you can only turn apps off individually in the settings page. This will ensure no mobile data off your TeleChoice prepaid plans is used for updates.

Only Allow Updates on Wi-Fi

One of the biggest drains on your data is a phone software or app update. As devices and apps become more sophisticated, so they require more updates more frequently to ensure you have great security, usability and features to use. However, it is essential that these updates only happen over Wi-Fi, as they can quickly drain your mobile data without you even realising.

On Android devices, open your Play Store and go to the settings page to activate the command to auto update apps over Wi-Fi only. For iOS devices, go into settings and open the App Store, turning off the Use Cellular Data function.

Looking for TeleChoice Plans with Affordable Data?

TeleChoice plans are well-known for their flexibility and affordability, especially our TeleChoice prepaid plans from TeleChoice Perth! Simply contact us today at TeleChoice Perth and we’ll help you set up a plan that works for your data needs and your budget – all with zero commitment!

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