How to Buy a New Mobile Phone During COVID-19

Restrictions are still in place due to COVID-19, but does that mean that you can’t buy a new mobile phone? No! Telecoms are essential services providers, so you can still get a new phone if you want to buy outright mobiles or get the best mobile phone plans. Here’s some advice from the TeleChoice team.

Buy Outright Mobiles or Get a Mobile Plan?

Two popular options when you want to buy a new mobile phone is to either buy your phone outright (simply buy it upfront) or pay it off monthly as part of a mobile plan. Each option has its pros and cons, so it’s more about finding the option that works for you.

Buy outright mobiles may be best for you if:

  • You already have a mobile plan in place
  • You need to replace a phone that has been lost, broken or stolen and you are still locked into a plan with your network provider
  • You want a cheap mobile for a child or family member
  • You want to get a specific device at the lowest price

Choosing a mobile plan may be best for you if:

  • You don’t feel financially comfortable about buying the phone you want outright
  • You don’t have a mobile plan
  • You want to switch providers
  • You want to get an upgrade or latest model phone
  • It’s more affordable to make monthly payments on a device

How to Choose the Best Mobile Phone Plans

When looking for the best mobile phone plans, there are a few key points to consider. This includes:

  • Coverage: There’s no point in going out to buy a new mobile phone if you won’t have any signal. Great coverage means that you can call, text, access the internet, view social media and play games. It means you get reliable service whether you are at home, at school, in the city, in a rural town or in the suburbs. The provider with the best coverage in Australia is TeleChoice, who operates on the advanced Telstra network. You can even use 5G on this network as it is being rolled out!
  • Affordability: The best mobile phone plans offer great value for money. At TeleChoice, you get unlimited national calls and texts, and generous data that you can bank if you don’t use it – so no data goes to waste!
  • Flexibility: At TeleChoice, there is a mobile phone plan for everyone. From SIM only plans to phone plans, plans with no lock-in, month to month plans and prepaid plans – you’ll find one to fit your budget.

Speak to the TeleChoice Team – We Have You Covered Through COVID-19

At TeleChoice, we’re adhering to strict protocols for hygiene and physical distancing, so our team can safely assist you by phone or online through the COVID-19 pandemic. Get in touch and we can help you explore the best mobile phone plans for your needs and budget, or help you buy outright mobiles. Phone us or visit our website and buy a new mobile phone today.

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