How Can I Prevent Excess Data from Being Lost?

Social distancing means spending a lot of time at home, so it’s had a huge impact on how we use mobile data. If you’re on your home Wi-Fi, you probably aren’t using the data from your mobile phone plans and SIM only deals — so is it going to waste? Not if you are with TeleChoice! If you have a SIM or mobile phone plan on Telstra through TeleChoice, you get our innovative data banking service.

What is the TeleChoice Data Banking Service?

Rather than watching your unused data on your mobile plan vanish each month, TeleChoice has developed a data banking service that stores your excess data for later use. You can store up to 30GB of unused data when you are on the TeleChoice small and xsmall mobile data plans, and up to 100GB on other plans. This applies to any mobile phone plan on Telstra networks through TeleChoice, including SIM only deals.

For example, if you are on the TeleChoice medium mobile data plan that offers 17GB of data per month and you only use 8GB, that extra 9GB is automatically banked. This means that next month, you’ll have 26GB of data. Your spare data will keep being banked until you reach 100GB of data in your bank.

Is this Only Available During Lockdown and COVID-19?

While this service was introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic to help customers who were not using as much of their mobile data plans as they were previously, this service is available for the foreseeable future. This means that you get the most value for money on your TeleChoice mobile data plans.

What Mobile Data Plans Qualify?

All mobile data plans qualify, whether you are on a small or xsmall plan or have your data plan through one of the TeleChoice SIM only deals. If you have a mobile phone mobile phone plan on Telstra through TeleChoice, you have access to data banking.

Find Out More About Data Banking and Your Mobile Phone Plan on Telstra from TeleChoice

It’s easy to say safe and connected with TeleChoice! Our team, which you can chat to directly on our website or by phone, is ready to assist you in finding the right TeleChoice mobile data plans and SIM only deals for you and your family. Contact us today for more information.

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