Tips for Staying Productive While Working from Home

Working from home via home internet has become the new normal across Australia and the world – and for many people, this is a big adjustment! Here are some tips for staying productive from TeleChoice, providers of business NBN and unlimited NBN plans.

Create Your Workspace

Start by creating a dedicated home office rather than working off the couch, in bed or anywhere that’s free. This helps you create the right mindset for getting to work and helps ensure minimal distractions. Try choosing a quiet spot where you have good access to power points and home internet, where you have sufficient work surface and can fit an ergonomic chair. 

Put the same effort into this space as you would your office space, whether it means getting some accessories to organise the space, having clear surfaces for files, tablets and your computer, or even having a few of your favourite work snacks in the drawer. This is all about creating that office atmosphere you are used to.

Stay in Touch

If you’re not used to working from home, this new normal can leave you feeling a little lost. Use your unlimited NBN plan to stay in touch with your co-workers with weekly meetings and even daily coffee catchups over Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts or Skype. These tools have a lot of functionality that helps for sharing information and documents securely, as well as for collaborating on projects. One good tip is to situate your home office so that your background is appropriate and private (especially if everyone else is home too), and to use the blur background feature. If your home internet is slow and you need the fast speeds and capacity of business NBN, talk to your provider about unlimited NBN plans.

Embrace Flexibility

We’re living in unprecedented times and working from home is a challenge for many! Use this time to develop your own personal, flexible approach in this less-structured environment. Go for your morning run, schedule lunch each day when it’s convenient for your household, take 10-minute productivity boosting breaks every hour, and schedule in your day-to-day chores to make them part of your workday. If you have a busy household, try schedule home internet use to ensure you have the speed and bandwidth for critical meetings and events, or upgrade to business NBN or unlimited NBN plans to avoid frustration and accommodate your household.

Business NBN and Unlimited NBN from TeleChoice

 TeleChoice offers fast, affordable home internet including unlimited NBN plans to make work and life easier while you’re home. Our team is following the latest COVID-19 guidelines, and is ready to assist you with your home internet or business NBN queries, so contact us by phone or online today.

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