Australia media group wants tech giants to pay $400m a year — pressok

Sydney (AFP) A leading publisher called Thursday for Google and other tech giants to pay Australian news outlets some US$400 million a year under a mandatory code of conduct ordered by the government. Australia last month announced plans to force Google, Facebook, and other internet firms to share advertising revenues earned from news content featured […] […]

Tips for Staying Productive While Working from Home

Working from home via home internet has become the new normal across Australia and the world – and for many people, this is a big adjustment! Here are some tips for staying productive from TeleChoice, providers of business NBN and unlimited NBN plans. Create Your Workspace Start by creating a dedicated home office rather than […]

iPhone and iPad Pro purchases limited due to constrained supplies —

iPhone and iPad Pro purchases limited due to constrained supplies Ewdison Then – Mar 19, 2020, 11:26 pm CDT Against all odds, Apple launched two new iPad Pros this week, though the expected iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 8 and its larger sibling remain absent. That may give a feeling that everything is OK in […] […]

How to Speed Up Your Home Wi-Fi

With so many people working from home and after school activities limited, your home Wi-Fi is working harder than it ever has before! Even if you have an unlimited NBN plan, you might find that your speeds are slower than what you’d like. Here are some tips to speed up your Wi-Fi from TeleChoice, a […]

Voxi’s 6GB SIM-only plan is now 8GB – and with endless social media access — The Sun

AS we spend more time at home, mobile networks and SIM providers are boosting deals. Which is great if you’re looking to save money, get a better broadband back-up or stay connected for longer. Voxi is SIM-only provider powered by Vodafone’s network, and it offers three key plans. But it’s not just another SIM-only provider, […] […]

How to Buy a New Mobile Phone During COVID-19

Restrictions are still in place due to COVID-19, but does that mean that you can’t buy a new mobile phone? No! Telecoms are essential services providers, so you can still get a new phone if you want to buy outright mobiles or get the best mobile phone plans. Here’s some advice from the TeleChoice team. […]

Living with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip — TechCrunch

The Galaxy Z Flip ships with the same “Care Instructions” as the Fold. It’s a five-item list with the following basic points: Don’t scratch the screen with a pen or fingernail Don’t stick stuff between the screens when folding Don’t get it dusty, wet or feed it after midnight Don’t stick stickers to the screen […] […]

Tello Mobile to Launch the Best Family Phone Plans on the Market — The Chestnut Post

ATLANTA (PRWEB) February 12, 2020 Starting February 12, Tello Mobile will begin rolling out their new Family plans that allow multi-line customers to mix and match data, minutes & text, so that customers can find the perfect phone plan for each family member. Tello remains laser-focused on offering the best budget-friendly wireless solutions and the […]

5G mobile networks are not ready for primetime — Productivity Hub

This was the year that 5G came to the UK, promising a new era of mobile communications. But how is it working out for those few consumers who have taken the plunge and signed up for a service? I have conducted a not very scientific audit. My conclusion is that 5G is not ready for […] […]

ARCS Chain Carves a path to Revolutionize Data Banking & Privacy — Blockonomi

In a time when data privacy has become scarce and corporations around the globe exploit their customers for their profits, IFA’s ARCS chain brings an ecosystem where personal privacy is precious and users get a fairer distribution of profits made from their personal data. Basically, the ARCS chain is a proprietary blockchain for data banking […] […]

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