The Best Health and Fitness Apps for Lockdown

With TeleChoice coverage being the best in Australia thanks to the cutting-edge TeleChoice Telstra network, it’s easy to use apps to stay healthy and fit while lockdown regulations are in place. Here are some of the best apps, from TeleChoice Geelong. Adaptiv – If you want a personal trainer in your pocket, this is the […]

Why Get Your Mobile Phone Plan on Telstra Through TeleChoice?

TeleChoice is a highly-reputable telco operating on the Telstra network, offering a wide range of mobile phone plans and SIM only plans in Australia – but is this the right choice if you want a mobile phone plan on Telstra? Let’s take a look. Access to the Best and Most Advanced Network in Australia TeleChoice […]

How to Buy a New Mobile Phone During COVID-19

Restrictions are still in place due to COVID-19, but does that mean that you can’t buy a new mobile phone? No! Telecoms are essential services providers, so you can still get a new phone if you want to buy outright mobiles or get the best mobile phone plans. Here’s some advice from the TeleChoice team. […]

Where Can I Get the Most Affordable Data and Refurbished Phones?

Did you know that TeleChoice offers affordable, commitment-free SIM only plans? Not only that, they also have a great range of refurbished phones available in TeleChoice stores. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to get connected and stay connected with a SIM mobile plan in Australia! Who Is TeleChoice? TeleChoice is a leading provider of […]

What is the Best Network for Rural Regions in Australia?

When you live in a more rural area in Australia, it’s important to choose a mobile network that offers great coverage – and that means TeleChoice Telstra. Here’s why TeleChoice coverage is the best on the market, making TeleChoice services the go-to option for rural clients who want to stay connected affordably. TeleChoice Telstra – The Best Mobile Coverage in […]

Should You Buy A Huawei Mobile Phone?

Are you looking at buying a new mobile phone? Are you considering buying a Huawei mobile phone? There’s been a lot in the press about Huawei so we put together this blog to help you decide if this is the right mobile phone brand for you. So, should you buy a Huawei? So, what’s the […]

The Best Home Internet Provider

What do you want out of your home internet provider? Consistent coverage, unlimited data and affordable. But you may think that it’s not possible to get cheap internet which is also unlimited. The good news is, it is! TeleChoice offers unlimited data and we think we’re the best nbn provider for families. Running out of […]

Where to get the best SIM plan?

Do you love your mobile phone? Great! But are you getting the best value for money from your Sim car and plan? Did you know you can buy a sim card for your existing mobile without signing up to pay a huge monthly bill for a fancy handset you don’t want. If you’re looking for […]

Get A Mobile Phone On Plan

Everyone needs a mobile phone these days. And the worst thing is when you run out of data just at the moment you need it most. With a mobile phone on a plan, that will never happen to you. There’s no need to ‘top-up’, just surf away and with TeleChoice, enjoy unlimited minutes and texts […]

Get An Unlocked Mobile Phone

Do you know what mobile phone you want but aren’t sure which network is right for you? With an unlocked mobile phone, you don’t have to choose. Simply select the phone model which best suits you and then buy a sim card later. You could even buy more than one card if you needed. The […]

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