Which Australian Provider Should You Get a Mobile Phone Plan From?

When looking for a good cell provider in Australia, you have three telcos and networks to choose from. But should you get a mobile phone plan from Vodaphone? Or a mobile phone plan from Optus? Here’s how these two networks measure up against a mobile phone plan from Telstra. Network Coverage Your mobile will only […]

The Best Health and Fitness Apps for Lockdown

With TeleChoice coverage being the best in Australia thanks to the cutting-edge TeleChoice Telstra network, it’s easy to use apps to stay healthy and fit while lockdown regulations are in place. Here are some of the best apps, from TeleChoice Geelong. Adaptiv – If you want a personal trainer in your pocket, this is the […]

How to Buy a SIM Card in Australia

Looking to buy SIM cards in Australia? Here’s all the information you need, whether you are visiting the country or have recently emigrated, including answers and advice on prepay SIM cards and where to find a cheap SIM card. Where Can I Buy SIM Cards in Australia? Cheap SIM cards are widely available in Australia, […]

Why Get Your Mobile Phone Plan on Telstra Through TeleChoice?

TeleChoice is a highly-reputable telco operating on the Telstra network, offering a wide range of mobile phone plans and SIM only plans in Australia – but is this the right choice if you want a mobile phone plan on Telstra? Let’s take a look. Access to the Best and Most Advanced Network in Australia TeleChoice […]

Updates – COVID-19, Home Internet and the NBN

TeleChoice is a leading NBN provider with affordable home broadband packages offering access to fast, cheap internet. Here are some updates regarding the NBN in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Relief for Australian Businesses COVID-19 restrictions forced businesses of all sizes around Australia to close temporarily, sending staff to work from home where possible and […]

How Can I Prevent Excess Data from Being Lost?

Social distancing means spending a lot of time at home, so it’s had a huge impact on how we use mobile data. If you’re on your home Wi-Fi, you probably aren’t using the data from your mobile phone plans and SIM only deals — so is it going to waste? Not if you are with TeleChoice! If […]

Why Choose TeleChoice Mobiles?

There are many different networks to choose from in Australia at the moment. We think you should choose TeleChoice for your mobile phone and sim plan. But why choose TeleChoice mobile plans over Optus mobile phones or Vodafone sim cards? Well, here’s what we think is the answer to that question.  Firstly, TeleChoice mobile plans […]

Why Sign Up For Unlimited NBN?

Do you use the internet? You must do – you’re reading this blog online! For the majority of people living in developed countries, the internet is something we use every single day. And with more content than ever online, our demand on our nbn provider is growing. Netflix? Amazon Prime? Foxtel? Whatever you sign up […]

Your Next LG Mobile Phone

TeleChoice are excited to announce that we have two LG mobile phones in stock. Introducing the LG K50 and the LG Q60. Alongside Apple and Samsung, LG has recently fallen away from the mobile phone market but it’s back and as a telecom company in Australia, we’re proud to be offering two models. Here’s why: […]

Is It Time For A New Phone Provider?

Are you thinking of switching from your Optus mobile phone? We speak to a lot of people who have Optus sim card contracts and are looking for a new provider who offers more, for less. We recommend to brows our mobile phone plans. We have a wide range of plans, designed to suit everyone, from […]

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